The Tupelo Haunted Castle

3210 MS-178 Mooreville,MS 38857 (978)432-6667

      **Valentines Day 2018**

We are open for Valentines Day! Come see the South’s #1 haunted attraction February 9th-11th and 14th!

$10/ person or $15/ couple!

Copy of Vintage Fright Night



(Our original TV commercial starring Barney Harris and Dana Bridgman)

Located in the Skyline Community the Tupelo Haunted Castle is Mississippi’s top haunted attraction. The castle opens it doors every Friday and Saturday in October and each year we scare thousands of thrill seekers from across the nation with new and exciting haunts.  The castle is designed for all ages and abilities and can be catered to all needs, no one is safe from the fear! We are proud to announce we will be offering 3 new events in addition to our award winning Haunted Castle, “Lost in the Darkness”, “Delirium” and “The Dolor Experiment”! Make plans now to see why we are rated the top haunted attraction in Mississippi!


We  open at 7pm on the following dates for the 2017 season!

  • 9/29/17
  • 9/30/17
  • 10/6/17
  • 10/7/17
  • 10/10/17 – Benefiting Marietta Elementary School
  • 10/12/17 – Benefiting the “Bearded Villans – Reconnect for Autism” Charity
  • 10/13/17
  • 10/14/17
  • 10/19/17 – Benefiting the “Bearded Villans – Reconnect for Autism” Charity
  • 10/20/17
  • 10/21/17
  • 10/22/17 – Benefiting the “Cammie Jo Cares” Charity
  • 10/25/17 – Benefiting the “Ole Miss Tupelo Student Social Work Organization”
  • 10/26/17 -Benefiting the “Bearded Villans – Reconnect for Autism” Charity
  • 10/27/17
  • 10/28/17
  • 10/31/17 – Halloween Night

For more information on the above dates or for answers to any questions you may have give us a call at 978-432-6667


Events for 2017

“The Tupelo Haunted Castle”

With a new walk through,scenes and scares our original Tupelo Haunted Castle is back and better than ever! Grab your friends and prepare for a night to remember! We are proud to announce we are adding 3 new events for guests in addition to our award-winning Haunted Castle.

                 “Lost In the Darkness”

This new attraction will test your sanity as you navigate an ever-changing labyrinth full of scares and surprises, guaranteed to thrill everyone!

   “The Dolor Experiment”

Surrender yourself to be a participant in a full contact experiment in fear. This event requires a waiver signed by participants or legal guardian.


This event will push you to your limit as you are immersed in a solo all ages haunted experience designed for 1-2 participants where the next turn could be your last!


For questions/concerns please call (978)432-6667

         We want to hear about your experience, follow us on Instagram @tupelohauntedcastle Facebook/tupelohauntedcastle http://www.tupelohauntedcastle.com



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